22. Assets and liabilities held for sale

The items included in Assets and liabilities held for sale are as follows:

(€ million)At 31 December 2013At 31 December 2012
Property, plant and equipment 1 1
Investments and other financial assets - 54
Inventories 3 -
Trade and other receivables 5 -
Total Assets held for sale 9 55
Provisions 5 -
Trade and other payables 16 -
Total Liabilities held for sale 21 -

Assets and liabilities held for sale at 31 December 2013 consist of certain properties and the assets and liabilities related to a subsidiary consolidated by the Components operating segment. At 31 December 2012, Assets held for sale included the above mentioned properties allocated to the Components operating segment, the investment in the jointly controlled entity Sevelnord Société Anonyme (transferred during the first quarter of 2013) and the investment in a company in Brazil now consolidated on line-by-line basis.