32. Explanatory notes to the Statement of cash flows

The Statement of cash flows sets out changes in Cash and cash equivalents during the year. As required by IAS 7 – Statement of cash flows, cash flows are separated into operating, investing and financing activities. The effects of changes in exchange rates on cash and cash equivalents are shown separately under the line item Translation exchange differences.

Cash flows from (used in) operating activities mostly derive from the Group’s industrial activities.

The cash flows generated by the sale of vehicles under buy-back commitments, net of the amounts included in Profit/(loss) for the year, are included under operating activities in a single line item which includes changes in working capital arising from these transactions.

For 2013, Other non-cash items (positive for €522 million) mainly include €336 million impairment losses on tangible and intangible assets, €54 million loss related to the devaluation of the official exchange rate of the Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) relative to the US Dollar (Note 8) and €56 million write-off of the book value of the Equity Recapture Agreement Right. For 2012, Other non-cash items (positive for €562 million) mainly included impairment losses on fixed assets and the share of the net profit and loss of investees accounted for using the equity method and the effect, for €515 million, related to the restatement of the Income statement for 2012 following the retrospective adoption of IAS 19 amendment from 1 January 2013, as if the amendment had always been applied.

Cash flows for income tax payments net of refunds amount to €429 million in 2013 (€475 million in 2012).

Interest of €1,808 million (€1,914 million in 2012) was paid and interest of €400 million (€635 million  in 2012) was received in 2013. Amounts indicated are inclusive of interest rate differentials paid or received on interest rate derivatives.