Trade payables

At 31 December 2013, trade payables totaled €18,977 thousand, a net increase of €1,676 thousand over 31 December 2012, and consisted of the following: 

(€ thousand)31 December 201331 December 2012Change
Trade payables to third parties 13,081 10,493 2,588
Trade payables to Group companies and other related parties for goods and services 5,896 6,808 -912
Total trade payables 18,977 17,301 1,676

Trade payables to third parties primarily relate to amounts payable for services and amounts due to CAV.E.T. and CAV.TO.MI. for contract work completed (see Note 14).

All trade payables are due within one year and their carrying amount at the reporting date is deemed to approximate their fair value.