Logistics processes

Efficient and environmentally-sustainable logistics are important elements in the value creation process.

The Group has also been working to reduce logistics-related emissions throughout the supply chain and minimize the use of non-reusable packaging. This has enabled optimization of transport flows, resulting in reduced traffic and transportation costs.

Logistics processes

In 2010, the Group published the Green Logistics Principles as part of a process to coordinate the approach and methods of interaction with logistics partners. The Principles provide guidelines on reducing environmental impacts with a focus on four main areas:

  • low-emissions transport
  • intermodal transport solutions
  • optimized use of available transport capacity
  • reduced use of packaging and protective materials

These measures have contributed to lowering CO2 emissions from the movement of vehicles and materials and at the same time lowered transportation costs.

As a result of its increased use of intermodal transport solutions in 2013, Chrysler Group achieved a cost savings of €1.3 million and reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 4,500 tons.