Responsibility to local communities

The Group actively contributes to the advancement of local communities.

Initiatives follow the Group’s Guidelines for Investment in Local Communities which provide instructions on how to manage activities to benefit the targeted communities and establish commitments that are consistent with the characteristics and positioning of the Group and its brands. Projects which represent a major financial commitment are approved and managed centrally, while other initiatives are managed locally by the plant, company or brand.

These activities are primarily targeted at areas around the Group’s industrial sites, but can also include response to natural disasters in other geographic areas. Social initiatives are primarily in the form of long-term investment based on a detailed plan targeted at development in the local community. Investment is not just monetary, but often also includes employees volunteering time and know-how for initiatives that address community development, education, the environment and basic social needs.

A variety of forms of support are planned in collaboration with local stakeholders and provided to communities based on specific local requirements.

Particular attention has been given to educational initiatives (which account for 39% of approximately €20 million in contributions to local communities) to encourage development and self-sufficiency of communities and improve quality of life for the residents.

Specific indicators are used to measure the impact and effectiveness of local community initiatives and identify opportunities for further development.

Responsibility to local communities