Transaction between Group Companies and with Related Parties

During the period, there were no transactions, including intragroup, with related parties which qualified as unusual or atypical. Any related-party transactions formed part of the normal business activities of companies in the Group. Such transactions are concluded at standard market terms for the nature of goods and/or services offered.

Information on transactions with related parties, including specific disclosures required by the Consob Communication of 28 July 2006, is provided in Note 31 to the Consolidated Financial Statements and in Note 29 to Fiat S.p.A.’s Financial Statements.


As part of the requirements of Legislative Decree 196/03 (the Italian data protection act), several activities were performed to evaluate the system of data protection for information held by Group companies subject to this law. Those activities confirmed that legislative requirements relating to the protection of personal data processed by Group companies had been substantially complied with.

With the conversion of Law Decree 5 of 9 February 2012 through the enactment of Law 35 of 4 April 2012, the obligation to prepare and maintain an updated Program Security Document — for controllers of sensitive or judicially relevant data processed in electronic format — was abolished.

However, given that other obligations under Legislative Decree 196/03 continue to exist, Group companies prepared the Program Security Document, enabling formal attestation of compliance with the obligations of Legislative Decree 196/03 by individual data controllers.